Truthful Myth: a group photography show

May 4 – May 28, 2009 

Gallery Space at Reality House is pleased to present Truthful Myth: a group photography show.   The exhibition features over 30 images created by thirteen diverse photographers. The artists are Samuel Anthony, Athena Aponte, Zohar Avgar, Ezequiel Batista, Sumeyye Cil, Joseph Huot, Christian Jones, John Keck, Herson Pleitez, Jerry Reyes, Phillip Romano, Alminar Sagar, Lourdes Terc

“The way we view the world is shaped by the innumerable interactions we are confronted with in everyday life. The people we encounter, the places we go, and the things we see all contribute to the formation of our own personal mythology. This exhibition, Truthful Myth, will offer up images that interpret, explore, and exemplify our own viewpoints and mythologies.”